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To what lengths are advertisers willing to go for attention?


Movie Trailer: Avatar


Royal family bath…tea bag style

I wanna thank my sister for this one. Thx sis, I promise ya I’ll buy u a slice of pizza :-P. BTW, they also have the Obama series. I might just buy one of these.
Tea bag urself


Go on…without me!

Go on without me


Can you surf by using dynamite to make waves?

Some of you might have already seen a video where youngsters threw dynamite into a pond and surfed the waves. Well…Mythbusters decided to put that “theory” to the test.

Original surfing video


Mythbusters is on the case


12 words not to use @ the office

(This article was reprinted from Macworld which reprinted the same article from Network World)

Office_space_Watercooler This is good to know since I was still using “Intranet” to refer to the company’s internet website. Now I feel kinda’ lame :-/

1. Intranet

Popular in the mid-90s, the term “intranet” referred to a private network running the Internet Protocol and other Internet standards such as the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It was also used to describe an internal Web site that was hosted behind a firewall and was accessible only to employees. Today, every private network runs IP. So you can just use the term virtual private network or VPN to describe a private IP-based network.

2. Extranet

An “extranet” referred to private network connections based on Internet standards such as IP and HTTP that extended outside an organization, such as between business partners. Extranets often replaced point-to-point electronic data interchange (EDI) connections that used standards such as X12. Today, companies provide suppliers, resellers and other members of their supply chain with access to their VPNs.

3. Web Surfing

When is the last time you heard someone talk about surfing the Web? You know the term is out of date when your kids don’t know what it means. To teens and tweens, the Internet and the World Wide Web are one and the same thing. So it’s better to use the term “browsing” the Web if you want to be understood. Or you can just say “Google” since everyone uses that term as a verb.

4. Push Technology

The debate over the merits of “push” versus “pull” technology came to a head in 1996 with the release of the PointCast Network, a Web service that sent a steady stream of news to subscribers. However, PointCast and other push technology services required too much network bandwidth. Eventually, push technology evolved into RSS feeds, which remain the preferred method for publishing information to subscribers of the Internet. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

5. Application Service Provider (ASP)

During this decade, the term “Application Service Provider” evolved into “Software-as-a-Service.” Both terms refer to a vendor hosting a software application and providing access to it over the Web. Customers buy the software on a subscription basis, rather than having to own and operate it themselves. ASP was a hot term prior to the dot-com bust. Then it was replaced by “SaaS.” Now it’s cool to talk about “cloud computing.”

6. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

Coined by former Apple CEO John Sculley back in 1992 when he unveiled the Apple Newton, the term “personal digital assistant” referred to a handheld computer. PDA was still in use in 1996, when the Palm Pilot was the hottest handheld in corporate America. Today, the preferred generic term for a handheld like a Blackberry or an iPhone is a “Smartphone.”

7. Internet Telephony

You need to purge the term “Internet telephony” from your vocabulary and switch to VoIP, for Voice over IP. Even the term VoIP is getting old-fashioned because pretty soon all telephone calls will be routed over the Internet rather than the Public Switched Telephone Network. It’s probably time to stop referring to the PSTN, too, because it is headed for the history books as all voice, data and video traffic is carried on the Internet.

8. Weblog

A blog is a shortened version of “Weblog,” a term that emerged in the late 1990s to describe commentary that an individual publishes online. It spawned many words still in use such as “blogger” and “blogosphere.” Nowadays, few people have time to blog so they are “microblogging,” which is another word that’s heading out the door as people turn Twitter into a generic term for blasting out 140-character observations or opinions.

9. Thin Client

You have to give Larry Ellison credit for seeing many of the flaws in the client/server computing architecture and for popularizing the term “thin client” to refer to Oracle’s alternative terminal-like approach. In 1993, Ellison was touting thin clients as a way for large organizations to improve network security and manageability. Although thin clients never replaced PCs, the concept is similar to “virtual desktops” that are gaining popularity today as a way of supporting mobile workers.

10. RBOC

In 1984, the U.S. government forced AT&T to split up into seven Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs) also known as Baby Bells. Customers bought local service from RBOCs and long-distance service from carriers such as AT&T. Telecom industry mergers over the last 15 years have formed integrated local- and long-distance carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and Qwest. This makes not only the term RBOC obsolete, but also the terms ILEC for Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (i.e., GTE) and CLEC for Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (i.e., MFS).

11. Long-Distance Call

Thanks to flat-rate calling plans available from carriers for at least five years, nobody needs to distinguish between local and long-distance calls anymore. Similarly, you don’t need to distinguish between terrestrial and wireless calls because so many people use only wireless services. Like pay phones, long-distance calls—and their premium prices—are relics of a past without national and unlimited calling plans.

12. World Wide Web

Nobody talks about the “World Wide Web” anymore, or the “Information Superhighway,” for that matter. It’s just the Internet. It’s a distinction that Steve Czaban, the popular Fox Sports Radio talk show host, likes to mock when he refers to the “Worldwide Interweb.” Nothing dates you more than pulling out one of those old-fashioned ways of referring to the Internet such as “infobahn” or “electronic highway.”


The Photoshop effect

With a demanding media industry a lot of publishers have come to rely on Photoshop experts to take away “imperfections” found during model photo shoots. This small documentary shows how far the industry is willing to go to sell its business.

The Photoshop Effect @ diethealth (YouTube)


NEWSFLASH: Really cheap tickets to Broadway show

450px-New_York_New_Amsterdam_Theatre_2003 NO THIS IS NOT SPAM!!! I just go an email showing from TravelZoo.com offering me dirt-cheap tix to B’way shows. Here’s an example of what they have:

Some of the shows and musicals on sale now are:
- "Altar Boyz" ... $30-$35 (reg. $79.99)
- "Shrek" ... $33.25 (reg. $66.50)
- "Stomp" ... $39 (reg. $72.50)
- "In The Heights" ... $45 (reg. $75)
- "Blue Man Group" ... $63 (reg. $78)
- "Phantom of the Opera" ... $66.50 (reg. $121.50)

Just to name a few personal favorites. Go here to see more prices/shows


Introducing the all-new Mini Coupe Concept (a.k.a. Ghetto Cruiser)

This is probably the most aggressive MINI design ever.

The specs are as follows (taken from manufacturer’s release letter):

This two-seater is designed to accommodate even the most powerful engine currently available in the MINI – and with the 1.6-litre twin-scroll turbocharged power unit carried over from the MINI John Cooper Works, the MINI Coupé Concept offers truly outstanding performance. Maximum output is 155 kW/211 hp, peak torque 260 Newton-metres/192 lb-ft increasing through the Overboost function for a short while to an even more substantial 280 Newton-metres/206 lb-ft. And now the MINI Coupé Concept offers everything it takes to exceed even the supreme performance of the MINI John Cooper Works with this unique power unit.


Video (from Autoline Daily)
...skip to about 3/4 down on the video timeline to get to the MINI story

from Autoline Daily


wanna keep track of your calorie intake?

Let’s clear something up here OK!!! I been counting my calorie intake, for iPhone app testing purposes, using the application Lose It!. Is pretty cool and fairly accurate. You can set goals if you…say…wanna lose X amount of pounds. It even takes into account Proteins (not for all foods), Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Exercise.


Application: Lose It! 
Developer: FitNow
Price: Free


  • Ease of use
  • Allows a privacy mode that uses a numerical code for access.
  • Large database of foods and exercises
  • Ability to add “custom” foods and exercises
  • Graphs that track your progress


  • None that I can see…if you find one please comment on this post


PicKollage: Random picts

Ok it’s not quite “urban” but for the sakes of keeping things interesting it’s ok to go off on a tangent…occasionally ;-)



Why does New York bury it’s utilities?

Imagine walking down the streets of NYC and in between the awesome skyscraper-filled view and you are a bunch of utility wires hanging from the poles. Not that they are awful. Some of the suburbs have hanging utility wires and they look fine. But in NYC that is not something you would expect.

The practice of burying wired utilities started in the late 1800’s  when the mayor ordered all utility wires be buried in light of the catastrophic effects of The Great Blizzard of 1888. This blizzard was blamed for approximately 1.2 billion in damages (2008 figures) and a paralyzed city which had no power & railroad services. At the same time it left many people confined to their homes. In some cases for up to a week.

Why do we bury utilities (Pictures)


42nd Street - New York City 
BostonCityWalk @ Flickr


Sullivan Street, New York City, March 2001.
by Jim Linwood @ Flickr


Canal Street, NYCby Tobias Münch @ Flickr

Pictures of The Great Blizzard of 1888


Garbage is green…up in NYC

The New York City Sanitation Department will be testing green garbage trucks starting November in the borough of Queens. It will be the first production intent diesel electric hybrid truck in the U.S. designed specifically for Class 8 heavy-duty applications and meeting the EPA2010 emission regulations. The company has produced vehicles for the City of New York for 100 years.


Manufacturer’s news release





Water Candle

water candle by *vinny1300 on deviantART


PicKollage: Ghetto prom 2009

Pictures are worth a 1000 words…yes siree!!!

[via I-am-Bored]


Why did Microsoft photoshop this ad?

Found the difference between the two ads? Yes, the black man in the middle was replaced by a white man. Why? The image on the top was used for USA marketing purposes. The one on the bottom was used for Poland. Microsoft has updated the image on the Polish site and release a statement on Twitter saying:
Marketing site photo mistake - sincere apologies - we're in the process of taking down the image http://bit.ly/2B0Yk ^LG


Wanna a house? Buys NYC’s narrowest at just 2.75 mil!

Is chump-change…ain’t it? The house is located at (get this) 75-1/2 Bedford Street (that is seventy-five & a-half) in the West Village. It’s 3-stories, 990 square feet & dates back to the mid-1800’s.


[via Curbed]


Location of property

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A music video made with LEGOs (8-bit trip)

The perfect marriage between Techno music & LEGOs...well sorta :-/


A lil' kid teaches you to parallel park

With the hustle-n-bustle of everyday life finding a parking space can be a challenge. Well...this kid shows you how to parallel park with the quickness. A true urban-warrior!!!


Mexican Bumblebee


Bridge Win, Boat Fail


Very clever way to make a fire…without matches

More DIY videos at 5min.com


Spelling could be the key to getting bonus moolah


What if Pac-Man had a Twitter account?


Mass-transit in The Philipines

HAHAHA...I'm juz kiddin' peepz. In actuallity, Metro Manila, in The Philippines, has one of the best mass transit systems in the world.
I thought you might enjoy this.

[Photos by Reuters via Drugoi]






Talk 'bout a home office!

I've been the object of office pranks before but also done plenty so I guess that qualifies me to say that this prank is genius...not to mention time consuming! I wonder what job they billed this too?















Funny story

So this past Friday I had to drive a minivan for one of my friends. Her husband came up to me and said "Hey, listen...the dashboard lights don't work" So I said to myself "Ok, big stinkin' deal...it doesn't get dark around here 'til 9pm anyway". Wellllllll....He only told me half the truth. The speedometer did not work either...not to mention the gas gauge. So I pop-out my iPhone and downloaded this application: Speed-O-Meter.

YES, OK PEOPLE, I DID SPEED...a lil'...but the speed on the AutoBahn...I mean the Garden State Parkway is 65mph ;-)


Some restaurants serve some funny dishes!


A plant that eats rats? Bring it to NY!!!

Know as Nepenthes attenboroughii this rare plant is capable of eating full size rats. According to Wikipedia (information you take with a grain of salt)
180px-AttlwmosqThe pitchers of N. attenboroughii are open to the elements and thus often completely filled with fluid. This fluid is viscous in the lower part of the pitcher and watery above, forming two fractions that do not mix.
In the latter half of 2009, this taxon received a great deal of publicity in the national press of various countries as a sensational new plant that catches and kills rats.Whilst certainly large enough to trap rodents, no rodents of any kind have yet been observed within the pitchers of this species, as indicated in the type description and through subsequent clarification by the author, who suggests that should rodents be captured by the plant, it is likely to be through misadventure rather than by design; instead, large bugs and flying insects appear to be the usual prey.
Well, here's one time, outta many, I’m going to disagree with Wikipedia. As the video below shows these things are capable of eating rats ‘cause rats are attracted to them. If this is the case than we may have found somewhat of a solution to controlling NYC’s rat population which estimates say as much as 96 Million.
Now, if these plants ate roaches?…hmmmm!!!
video below (not for the girlies who go: “That’s so sad”….or PETA members)


A wine cellar with flair

amazing-cellar-design beautiful-dining-room-trap-door elegant-trap-door-cellars1 home-interior-trap-door-designs spiral-staircase-wine-cellar-design spiral-wine-cellar-diagram-drawing


Driverless taxis @ London’s Heathrow Airport

[via Engadget]