Baby Without a Brain

Baby Without a Brain: "

It wasn't cutting edge technology that let Nicholas Coke, a baby without a brain, celebrate his first birthday, but rather a miracle of unseen proportions. Usually, babies that are born with the rare genetic disease Anencephaly die within hours, due to only having a brain stem. Continue reading for the news report.

A year later, it's a true Christmas miracle. He is at a party to celebrate his first birthday. Sheena says, 'He's a miracle. He's changed so many lives.'

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YouTube Video Lands $30 Million Movie Deal [VIDEO]

YouTube Video Lands $30 Million Movie Deal [VIDEO]: "

One producer’s YouTube video, featuring giant robots invading the city of Montevideo, has landed him a $30 million Hollywood movie deal.

Fede Alvarez’s “Ataque de Panico” (Panic Attack) shows the gigantic CGI humanoids capturing the capital of Uruguay as citizens flee; the 5 minute clip has been viewed 1.5 million times on YouTube. It was created on a budget of $300. Alvarez says that after uploading the video on a Thursday, he was receiving offers from Hollywood on the Monday.

He eventually accepted a $30 million dollar deal from Ghost House Pictures for a full-length sci-fi thriller set in Uruguay and Argentina. The movie won’t be based on the YouTube video itself, Alvarez told the BBC.

While it makes for a remarkable story, you might be less surprised after watching the clip: it has a Hollywood polish that implies Alvarez’s work is ready for its big screen debut.

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Bear Sleeping Bag

This is hilarious. This guy should get an award!!!

Bear Sleeping Bag: "

Bear Sleeping Bag

Cool bear shaped sleeping bag, designed by Eiko Ishizawa from Amsterdam, will keep you warm and scare your friends when you go camping.

Please be warned that, according to the artist, it is not his responsibility if a wild bear attacks you, or some silly hunter hunts you down. [via]

Great Sleeping Bear

Greatest Sleeping Bag Ever Made

Bear Shaped Sleeping Bag

Eaten by a Bear

The Sleeping Bear

Creative Sleeping Bag

Cool Bear Shaped Sleeping Bag

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